Career Connects

Career Connects is a career related informational service offered by the Foothills Library Association for the Alberta library community. The purpose of Career Connects is to provide potential and new library professionals, or those interested in a career change, an opportunity to connect with a seasoned library professional for the purpose of an informational interview.

What is an Information Interview

An informational interview is a process which brings a person (the interviewer) considering a career in Librarianship together with a person (the library professional) who already works in the field for the purpose of asking questions and sharing knowledge.
An informational interview is not a job interview. The goal of the interview is to help the interviewer make more informed career choices by learning about a job they are interested in. Interviewers may gain a broader perspective on:

  • Skills and qualifications needed for a specific position
  • What the library professional’s job entails
  • Emerging issues and trends in the field
  • The pro’s and con’s of the library professionals role
  • The organizational need or value of a particular library position

Library professionals may also have the opportunity to gather information on how to write effective cover letters and resumes as well as information to help them better prepare for professional interviews in the library profession.

Benefits for the Interviewer

  • Opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge about an area of interest within the library profession
  • Learn what the requirements are for a particular position
  • Chance to practice and improve professional communication skills
  • Gain confidence in networking and interviewing without the pressure of an actual interview
  • Discover new career paths not previously known about
  • Develop professional contacts

Benefits for the Library Professional

  • Supporting new or potential library colleagues by sharing your knowledge and job related wisdom
  • Assisting in the development of your local library community
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own role and career

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