Information for Library Professionals

How do I register to be a library professional volunteer?

First, read and agree to the guidelines listed below.
Next, complete and submit the Library Professional Volunteer form at the bottom of this page.

How are interviewers and library professionals brought together?

Once your registration is received by the FLA your details will be kept on file. Once the FLA identifies a potential library professional you will receive an email that will include the details relating to the individual for you to consider. It will then be your decision to accept or reject the application. You must provide this acceptance or rejection within a two week period.
When you have agreed to be contacted, the interviewer will be given your preferred contact information and will then be expected to contact you to discuss details of the information interview.

What are the requirements to be a library professional volunteer?

  • Have at least 3 years experience in your career field or area of expertise
  • Have an interest in sharing your professional experience with an interviewer
  • Have the time to meet or exchange emails with an interviewer
  • Agree to provide (brief) feedback to the FLA regarding your experience with the information interview process

What am I expected to do as a library professional?

Agree to receive and respond to a telephone call, email or personal visit from the interviewer.

Can I receive payment for partaking in an information interview?

No, the program is strictly voluntary.

How many different information interviews will I be expected to do?

This number is at your discretion. You may indicate the number interviews that is appropriate for you, taking into consideration your schedule and availability.

Let us know how many times you are able to be contacted. Once you have been contacted the maximum number of times your information will be removed from the database

Where can I get more information?

For more information email us at