Informational Interview Guidelines

What is included in this service?

Once you have submitted a completed request form you will receive an email within two weeks from an FLA Career Connects Committee member who will provide you with the contact information of an information/library professional who best matches your request.

The library professional will have pre-indicated their availability and how much time they have to conduct the interview. They are generally brief 30 minute to one hour meetings.

After the FLA has provided you with the contact information it is up to you to make that initial contact and to set up an interview in person, via telephone or by email.

The informational interview is designed to be a one-shot interaction with a library and information professional. It is entirely up to the library professional’s discretion if contact is to be continued after the interview has been completed.

You will be asked to provide (brief) feedback to the FLA regarding your experience with the interview process.

What are the requirements for using this service?

There are no requirements for this service. The informational interview is targeted towards people of all educational backgrounds and experience levels. It is available to both FLA members and non-members.

Is there a fee for this service?

No. The service is provided by volunteers.

Who will I be interviewing?

You will be interviewing an FLA member or affiliate who has at least 3 years experience in the information field. The roles of library professionals may include, but are not limited to:
Academic Librarian, Library Technician, Records Manager, Special Librarian, Library Manager, Youth Services Librarian, Public Librarian, Library Assistant, Corporate/Private Sector Librarian, Media Librarian, Information Specialist.

How do I register with FLA to set up an informational interview?

First, read these guidelines:

You should regard the interview as a business appointment and conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you need to reschedule an arrangement that you have made with the library professional please be sure to give proper notice.

Please do not bring your resume for review as such a service is not within the scope of the informational interview.

Please know that this is not to be considered a job interview, nor should there be any expectation of an outcome of employment. The informational interview is intended to aid you in making better informed career choices and to help you become more effective in the job searching process.

Come prepared with questions for the library professional. There are many online resources available that may guide you with what types of questions are suitable for an informational interview.

If the library professional does not indicate interest in future contact, please be mindful that they are volunteering their time for this service and that the program is designed to cater to a single interaction.

Next, complete and submit the Informational Interview Request Form.

For additional information and general inquiries please contact

Request Form

This number is at your discretion. You may indicate the number interviews that is appropriate for you, taking into consideration your schedule and availability.

Let us know how many times you are able to be contacted. Once you have been contacted the maximum number of times your information will be removed from the database