Legal Research Specialist

Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP | Calgary, Alberta
Permanent, Full-Time

Canada Req #67

Purpose of the role:

To undertake and conduct high-quality, in-depth legal and business research to support the Firm’s practice areas and departments using online and print resources.

Reports To:  Director, Business and Enterprise Architecture

Duties and Responsibilities:

In accordance with the policies of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP, the Legal Research Specialist has the responsibility to complete the following duties:

  • Conduct in-depth legal and business research to support executive/management, lawyers, students, and administrative staff using paper and electronic resources;
  • Provide oversight of research to ensure quality and consistency of research work product;
  • Provide awareness and monitoring services including legislative and judicial tracking, and client, competitor, and industry developments;
  • Monitor client news and changes in organizational structure to support business development activities;
  • Provide training and guidance in the use of the Library’s collection of resources and technologies including the website, online catalogues, and external databases;
  • Support communication activities that utilize the intranet and other internal communication tools in building firm engagement;
  • Participate in collection development by recommending and evaluating print and electronic resources to be added or withdrawn from the collection;
  • Provide guidance and mentoring, and ensure professional development of Library support staff;
  • Promote and market Library resources and its services to staff to leverage the capabilities and expertise;
  • Participate in the Library and Research Committee to contribute to discussions on legal resources and budgetary issues;
  • Develop and deliver training sessions on legal research for lawyers, law students and other firm staff.

Education & Qualifications:

  • MLIS degree and/or a minimum of 2-3 years of significant research experience in a law library conducting legal and business research;
  • Advanced research skills, with demonstrated proficiency in providing online research services using legal and business databases (i.e., Lexis Advance Quicklaw; WestlawNext; Capital IQ; DisclosureNet, etc.).

Required Skills & Personality Traits for Success:

  • Established Industry Knowledge: Proficiency with legal and business-related resources and technologies used for communication, research and knowledge sharing.
  • Strong Research Analysis and Reporting: Ability to prepare reports, executive summaries, and other correspondence necessary to communicate research results to all levels of management.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and accuracy: Demonstrates meticulous, detail-oriented accuracy in completion of work.
  • Excellent Time Management: Effective at planning ahead, organizing, and prioritizing to maintain multiple tasks.
  • Team-oriented: Personable and courteous, with a “can-do” attitude; strives to bolster the effectiveness of the team by providing consistent support.
  • Composure: Performs appropriately and effectively, even while handling multiple tasks.
  • Effective Communicator: Well-developed verbal and written communication skills; readily seeks and provides information; sees value in information exchange; written product is concise and clear.
  • Customer orientation: Provides exceptional customer service in dealings with all clients and stakeholders.
  • Team management and mentorship: Creates and maintains a well-functioning work unit. Skilled at building trust, morale and cooperation among team.

Why BD&P?

The world is changing, and it’s happening faster than ever. Constant transformation, progress, setbacks, challenges. Businesses and people are adapting, but nobody can do it alone. Maybe it’s easier for us to keep up because we’ve always been nimble, and we’ve always brought creative thinking to the way we practice law.

BD&P is a full-service boutique law firm headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Our approximately 120 lawyers are bright, deeply talented legal minds who work on a broad spectrum of matters and litigation work, sitting across the table from national and international firms.

BD&P is proud to maintain its independence while representing clients in a wide variety of sectors including in sectors including Energy, renewables, Agribusiness, technology and life sciences.

We like to think having a track-record of supporting entrepreneurs gives us a unique approach. We are not just legal advisors; we are true partners. We’ve been called unconventional, and we think that makes us better partners to our clients for now and for the future.

BD&P has an inclusive culture where their people feel motivated to bring their best to the workplace. We understand that diversity and inclusion result in better decision making, more innovative problem solving, and enhanced creativity.

With a culture of collegiality, the firm encourages pursuits that go beyond the office, as we know that remarkable people have passions beyond their profession. The diverse activities pursued by the firm’s partners, associates and staff bring an authentic kinetic energy to the firm.To Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply via the BD&P Career Portal.

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